Green Screen The Environmental Film Festival is an annual festival which brings environmental and sustainability focussed films, panels, workshops and other activities to Trinidad and Tobago. Many of the events are free to the general public. Green Screen celebrated its sixth edition in 2016.

The Environmental Film Series was rebranded and elevated to Festival status in 2016.

The festival uses the entertainment medium of film to provide a platform for education, increased awareness and action that can contribute positively to the movement toward more effective sustainable living.  

In particular, the issue of climate change causes, impacts, exacerbating factors and adaptation methods are examined through the festival’s programming.

Through free film screenings depicting environmental heroism, innovation and discovery the festival aims to make information more accessible to a cross- section of the population, while providing a platform for behaviour change. Community groups, activists, environmental champions and others were invited to share their experiences through discussions after the films.


  • Overall attendance of screenings and events in excess of 1900 patrons.
  • Successful outreach resulted in 922 students and 69 teachers attending the High School Screenings at Digicel IMAX between November 3rd and 5th 2017.

  • Expanded partnership programme to grow our audience worked, with attendance increasing year on year by over 25%.
  • Key partners included the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists Club/UWI Zoology Museum, Bocas Lit Fest, 2 cents Movement and Guardian Media.

  • The Films For A Better Place Program gave a platform to local documentary filmmakers and highlighted some of the talent that Trinidad and Tobago has in this field. Several of the films have already been selected for film festival screening overseas. Most notably Horse, The Trouble With Plastic and Quiet Revolution have been selected for the Reel Earth Film Festival, New Zealand, May 2017. In addition, Teach A Man will be screened at the Timehri Film Festival, Guyana in May/June 2017.



Film selections



Featured films programmed in 2016:

  • The Pearl Button
  • 1.5 to Stay Alive
  • After the Green Revolution
  • How to Change the World
  • Norma’s Story
  • Waterbackpack Paul

  • Sbocciare
  • Through the Thick
  • El Cacao
  • The Call from the Sea
  • Jago: A Life Underwater
  • The Rainmakers of Nganyi
  • An Ethiopian Amazon
  • Night Moves

  • Bright Spot
  • My Father’s Land
  • 7 Grams
  • Daughter of the Lake
  • Small Change
  • Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
  • Fuelling Poverty
  • Flor de la Mar

Opening night


November 2nd – 10th 2017.