Directed by Nicole Antebi |  Animated/Experimental/Digital Media | 6′ | USA | 2015

The Telling of the Bees Telling is a recent, non-fiction animation based on the ancient folk belief that stresses the importance of notifying the hive about significant matters of the day.

It may be that the custom of telling the bees of a death originated in the idea that the bees were ‘souls,’ or that they were creatures who could fly up into the heavens from whence they had come. The custom is very widely spread; we find it all over Central Europe carried it, and the first allusion to it can be traced to classical times. – Hilda M. Ransome from The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore

Nicole Antebi created The Telling of the Bees Telling, a short, stop motion animation about the Telling of the Bees folk phenomenon specifically for Hive House, a community center and private residence in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The animation explores the non-phenomenal grey area between what historically has been considered a folk belief and meaningful cross species communication. The animation is composed of archival media, early slide specimens from the American Museum of Natural History, and hand-drawn elements with an original score by experimental composer, Melissa Grey. Grey includes sine waves, singing bowls, and her field recordings of honeybee hives from a friend’s farm in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The musical material, based on 432 Hz tuning, includes frequencies the bees emit during different phases of their existence. She ordered these frequencies into hexachords, a musical scale of six notes with a half step between the third and fourth steps. This sonically alludes to the hexagonal construction of beehives.


Friday 4th November, 2016 | 5:30 PM | Medulla Art Gallery | FREE