Directed by Steve Macdonald | Documentary | 8′ | South Africa | 2015

As farmer suicides continue to plague India, farmers are returning to organic methods to fertilise and protect their crops.

The Green Revolution left behind a heavy reliance on chemical fertilisers and pesticides which not only sent farmers into a spiral of debt, but over time poisoned the soil and led to decreasing yields.

Sanjevak is a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, raw sugar, ant-hill sand and other ingredients that are readily available to farmers, and which they have been using to regenerate their soil and increase their crop production again.

Scientists at the Dharamitra Eco-technology Resource Centre have started work with farmers to test and develop this technology, and to help disseminate it and other ecological agricultural practices to farmers across the country.

** ’After the Green Revolution’ is part of a series of short films that profiles innovative approaches to research and the co-creation of knowledge as a key to the transformation of the African food system.


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