Directed by Hélène Lee and Christophe Farnarier

2010 | France | English  | Documentary Feature  | 86 minutes

presented with the trinidad+tobago film festival

The young Leonard Percival Howell (1893 – 1981) left his native Jamaica, became a sailor and travelled the world. On his way, he chanced upon all the ideas that stirred his time. From Bolshevism to New Thought, from Gandhi to anarchism, from Garveyism to psychoanalysis, he sought to find his promised land. With this cocktail of ideas Leonard “Gong” Howell returned to Jamaica and founded Pinnacle, the first Rasta community in 1939. By recreating a backdrop of that time from film archives, police reports and newspaper articles, we follow in the wake of this adventurer and track the evolution of his thinking and the development of his self-reliant community living off the land.


Saturday 7th November | 7pm | FREE

Medulla Art Gallery | 37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, POS

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