22224932002_6931c524da_kFilm-makers, musicians, artists, activists and environmental stakeholders came together on October 16 to usher in Green Screen 2015.

The media launch for the environmental film series, now in its fifth year, took place at the Residence of the German Ambassador in Maraval on October 16.

Partners, sponsors, participants, stakeholders and friends were given an early look at what’s in store for this year’s series, themed “together”. They perused the new programmes, which boasted a mix of events, including a Benefit Launch and free school screenings at Digicel IMAX; free public screenings at San Fernando Hill and Medulla Art Gallery; collaborations with ttff and Anime Caribe; live music and party events at New Fire and Bass Yard; as well as panel discussions. 
German Ambassador Lutz Görgens hailed the work of Sustain T&T, the non-profit that produces Green Screen, and said raising awareness about climate change and sustainable development is “one of the main goals of the German Embassy”.

“Green Screen increases knowledge” of these issues, he said. “We support initiatives like yours.” Sustain T&T director Carver Bacchus thanked guests and introduced a trailer the new film, A Better Place, executive produced by the organisation and directed by international award-winner Miquel Galofré. Invitees were also shown a short piece, How We Made a Better Place, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.

A Better Place highlights five groups working to create a brighter future: Nature Seekers, Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville, UWI Chemistry Department, Parvati Hindu Girls’ College and the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities. With gorgeous images of nature, local music and art, and compelling stories, it aims to inspire and challenge audiences to work together to make Trinidad and Tobago a better place. Bacchus invited the public to attend the Benefit Launch of Green screen 2015, on November 2 at Digicel Imax.ad-728x90

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